2009 Winter Fancy Food: Recap, Photos and Videos


The 2009 Winter Fancy Food Show took place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from January 18-20, showcasing over 60 beverage companies and their brands. The attitude at the show was certainly positive, but perhaps due to the overall economic climate, there seemed to be fewer new brand introductions and product line extensions than recent Winter Fancy Food shows. Those brands that did launch or revamp were all the more prominent, however. Here’s what we saw and sampled:



•HINT Essence Water-sponsor of BevNET’s Fancy Food Winter show coverage – was busy promoting its newly launched HINT Kids enhanced with fluoride. The kid-friendly packaged drink is the first sugar-free children’s beverage to contain fluoride. The line is packaged in 11 oz. tetrapak and will be available in Watermelon, Tropical, and Strawberry-Kiwi. Hint also sampled its 16 oz. PET line-up, which includes the recently introduced flavors of Blackberry, Honeydew-Hibiscus, Watermelon, and Hibiscus-Vanilla.

•Arizona – has added Arnold Palmer and Lemonade mixes to its portfolio. Both will be available March 1.

•Ayala’s Herbal Water – has recently redesigned its labels.

•Dilmah Tea – an ethical tea company from Sri Lanka with a commitment to social justice and environmental sustainability, has launched an RTD tea line including Peach, Lemon & Lime in 500ml PET which will be available here in the States soon.

•Dr. Chao’s Wellness Drinks from U.S. Panda Foods & Beverages – launched at the show with a line of traditional herbal functional drinks including a Stress Reliever, an Adult Drink for vitality, a Lady Drink, and a Sober Drink for those late party nights.

•Fentiman’s – now has 4-packs available for all its flavors.

•Ganic Water – a Norwegian spring water enhanced with only natural extracts and aromas made its U.S. launch at the show with 15 flavors: smooth ginger, American jasmine, cranberry pearl, strawberry slim, orange beach, pomelo grape, crystal melon, caramel toffee, cinnamon soul, citric lemongrass, velvet green tea, merry cherry, aloe infusion, spearmint hint, and platinum spring. All varieties come in 17 oz. PET bottles.

•Golden Star Tea – is a white jasmine sparkling tea, sweetened with organic cane juice and finished with mild fermentation with an abv of 0.5 percent.

•Good Vibes for You Spring Water – the organic bottled water from Australia recently launched with a mission to create and promote global awareness on a range of issues from healthcare to the environment to human rights.

•Guayaki – launched two organic energy shots in Lemon and Chocolate Raspberry flavors.

•Grown-up Soda – redesigned its labels with waterproof vinyl and all flavors are now available in 4-packs. 5.75 oz. cans are also available for promotions.

•Honest Tea – launched Honest Mate in three flavors including Agave Mate, Tropical Mate, and Sublime Mate. The company recently added Mago Green to its tea lineup.

•Ito En – recently added Sencha Shot and Oolong Shot to its portfolio in 6.4 oz. steel cans. Sencha Shot contains 152 mg of catechin tea antioxidants and Oolong Shot contains 171mg of polyphenol tea antioxidants. Oi Ocha Dark is also a new line extension available in a 16.9 oz. PET. The company is also promoting “How Green is Your Tea” Summer Sweepstakes to raise environmental consciousness.

•Lorina – will be launching special limited-edition flavors for the holidays, including a blood orange for Halloween and a pomegranate for Valentine’s Day.

•Metromint -launched Metroelectro in 1 liter bottles.

•Noyu Teas – recently launched a Honey Lemon Chamomile Green Tea, Lychee Oolong Tea, Samurai Defender Mandarin Ginger Oolong Tea, Mellow Pomelo Chamomile Green Tea, and a Peach Oolong Tea in 16.9 oz. bottles.

•Numi Organic Tea – announced 6 RTD SKUs (Earl Grey, Peach Nectar, Magnolia Jasmine, Mango Passion, Moroccan Mint, and Honey Lemon) of organic, barely sweetened, Puerh (fermented) Green tea that will be available in March.

•One Natural Experience – will be launching eight new SKUs beginning in March.

•Project 7 – will have a 1 Liter bottle for its water line later this year.

•Purity Organic – has launched Cranberry Lime and Tropical Bliss flavors to its existing lineup.

•Reed’s – launched Virgil’s Orange Cream, and Reed’s new energy elixir will be available soon.

•Tasmanian Rain Water – added a sparkling product to complement the still SKU.

•Tommy’s Original Margarita – is now available in three varieties including Tommy’s Ultimate Margarita, Chipotle Bloody Mary, and Tropical Mint Mojito. The brand is flash-pasteurized and contains only all natural ingredients, with no HFSC or preservatives.

•Vita Springs – the functional, naturopathic, physician-formulated wellness beverage from Oregon launched at the show with two SKUs: Exotic Berry and Kiwi Cucumber.