Coca leaf beverage comes to North America


(NEW YORK, NY) November 11, 2009 – Kuka Drink, Inc., a distributor and marketer of all-natural coca leaf beverages, announces its New York City launch and U.S. debut of Kuka, a rare premium beverage made from coca leaves grown in the Andes.

“It has been a long and rewarding journey. After an overwhelming response from consumers and partners following testing in select cities, and receiving the necessary approvals for entering the U.S. market, we are extremely excited to introduce this truly unique beverage in New York City,” said Alireza Saifi, Founder of Kuka Drink, Inc. “We look forward to working with select distributors to make Kuka available in additional major markets across North America.”

With more than 5,000 years of history, the coca leaf has been cultivated for its medicinal and nutritional values. Kuka Drink gives you access to this rare treasure by bringing you an all-natural, premium beverage that is not only good for you, but will send your taste buds on a ride of discovery.

The key ingredient, in this 100% natural beverage, is hand-picked Andean coca leaves. Called by its original name, Kuka [Koo-ka] is a curiously complex all-natural non-carbonated coca leaf beverage straight from the heart of the Andes. Kuka has an exceptional taste; it’s delicious, soft and a bit sweet.

Kuka’s unique ingredients will naturally rejuvenate your energy and relieve your thirst; while its aroma calms your nerves and excites your senses. Its properties serve as a natural stimulant to invigorate and gradually transfer energy throughout the body. Drinking Kuka helps to hydrate and detoxify your body while improving your concentration without the “jolt,” or roller coaster side effects of energy drinks and high-sugar / high-caffeine drinks.

Kuka is the new healthful choice among its competition and the only choice like it. It is the unique, healthy response to all of those “over-hyped” recovery and cookie-cutter chemically-infested energy drinks.

Ask for it by name! Kuka is currently available at cafes, gourmet food and natural health stores across New York City such as Brasil Coffee House, Gourmet Fresh, Life Thyme, Natural Frontier, Zeytuna, and many other fine establishments. In the coming months, Kuka will also be available in the greater New York Metro Area, Chicago, Southern California, and Miami.

About Kuka Drink, Inc.

Kuka Drink, Inc. is a subsidiary company of Hoja de Kuka, Inc., a developer and marketer of natural consumer products made from the Coca plant’s leaf, seed and/or flower. Hoja de Kuka, Inc.’s mission is to research, derive and make available the nutritional values this ancient plant has to offer. The company”s first introduced product, Kuka [Koo-ka], is made from handpicked Andean coca leaves processed under the supervision of controlling authorities and according to the EU directive (88/388EEC). For more information on Kuka Drink, please visit,

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