Iceland Global Water Presents SNO High Natural Oxygen Content Bottled Water

Mosfellsbaer, Iceland, November 07, 2009 –(– Scientific research found water effective in flushing away toxins and wastes. It keeps cells hydrated and capable of fighting harmful disease-causing substances.

Iceland Global Water (IGW) believes it is not about drinking more and more water to compensate, it’s about drinking more balanced water in order to help moving water into the cells and keep it there so that every cell can function to its full capacity. Iceland Global Water (IGW) has launched its spectacular Certified Icelandic Glacier Water, the brand SNO™, and they are currently being introduced internationally.

SNO™ Iceland Glacier Water comes from the 20,000 year-old glacier in Snaefellsjokull, Iceland. It is naturally filtered by volcanic lava rock. You can be sure you’re drinking the purest water from the most pristine source, with none of the impurities.

SNO™ Iceland Glacier Water has the natural, perfect, body-neutral pH level ? which is from 7.0 to 7.4 ? to help the body reach and maintain a state of equilibrium (a neutral pH). Iceland Glacier Water is proven to have high oxygen content (close to 40mg). That means it quickly adds extra oxygen to the blood. Drinking SNO™ can be an effective way to increase the body’s oxygenation to help achieve stronger immune system, greater mental awareness, better ability to detoxify.