Eli Zabar taps Venga Functional Infusions as new drink of choice

Delray Beach, FL-(February 18, 2009)-What’s it like to be one of the select few chosen by Eli Zabar, one of New York City’s premier gourmet retailers? Well, the new Venga® line of functional infusions is going to find out. www.drinkvenga.com.

Beverage Innovations, Inc. www.beverage-innovations.com, makers of TeaWAVE® Smoothies, Tropics® 100% Natural Infusions and Island Rose® teas, and a leader in the premium, upscale functional beverage market with customers in over 30 countries on 5 continents, today announced the availability of its newest healthy and functional creation Venga® functional infusions in widely respected Eli Zabars located on the upper east side of the city. Widely regarded as the “Tiffany’s” of specialty food retailers, Eli Zabar has become a City treasure and is known for being at the forefront of bringing consumers the newest and best in the specialty food and beverage categories.

Venga is a truly functional, premium beverage that combines antioxidant rich teas with 100 percent natural and exotic fruit juices, vitamins and nutraceuticals in a preservative-free, great tasting blend. Venga is a ready-to-drink, non-carbonated beverage that comes in six (6) distinct flavors/functions to help consumers achieve their goals, perform their best and relax. These functions include Energize, Daily Dose, Rehydrate, Calorie Burn, Brainstorm and Health Zen. With no HFCS’s, no preservatives and bursting with all the good stuff mother nature has to offer.and a little more.Venga delivers the nutritional and functional benefits consumers desire in a great tasting blend of exotic fruit flavors and teas.

“We always seek new and interesting products for our customers that deliver on their claims and Venga not only did that but it taste’s great,” said Wayne Ponemon, General Manager of Eli Zabar. “We just began with Venga and we are already finding it flying off our shelves.”

“It’s often said that if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere so to make it in Eli Zabar is something truly special for Venga,” said Jamie Day, Managing Partner of Beverage Innovations. “We invested heavily in the research and development of Venga and consulted with leading beverage and nutraceutical experts to create the next generation of functional beverages that deliver on their promise. To have Eli Zabar recognize our effort and to know that consumers are loving the product is exactly what we aimed for.”

About Beverage Innovations, Inc.

Beverage Innovations, Inc. offers specialty beverage solutions to world class customers in 30 countries on 5 continents, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, United Arab emirates, South Africa, South Korea and Australia. Beverage Innovations markets and sells upscale beverages under its own brands Tropics®, Venga®, Villagio®, TeaWAVE®, and Island Rose® teas.