Monster continues to grow, Hitman headed to Wal Mart

The growth of the energy drink market has shrunk to near single-digit numbers, but Monster continues to increase its market share, and the energy brand’s Hitman shot is headed for shelves in the world’s largest retail chain.

Longbow Research analyst Alton Stump reported that Hitman received a strong push from Anheuser-Busch’s distribution arm, and, as a result, the product is expected to enter Wal Mart stores this month. Stump’s sources said efforts to get the product placed by the checkout counter have achieved only limited success, and Hitman will instead be shelved with energy drinks. And the good news for Monster didn’t end with 3 oz. packages.

Monster’s energy drinks continue to perform well in Wal Marts, Stump reported, where the brand maintained a 40-45 percent market share while the retail chain’s energy drink sales have grown by 10 percent.

The category grew a shade faster – 12-13 percent – in convenience and grocery chains, Stump reported, where Monster continued to increase its share. Stump also found good news for retailers in general: more than 80 percent of his contacts said in-store traffic has recovered as gas prices have fallen.