Herbal Water announces new packaging, flavor


Philadelphia, PA – February 24 – Fans of Herbal Water™, Inc. (www.herbalwater.com ) the manufacturer of the popular and innovative beverage Ayala’s Herbal Water™, will be excited to know that the company is unveiling a new flavor – Lemon Verbena Geranium. The new flavor is being released in conjunction with a nationwide launch of the company’s newly redesigned label, and both will be officially unveiled at the Expo West Show in Anaheim, California on March 6.

According to Dr. Ayala, creator of the beverage line and new flavor, the Lemon Verbena Geranium flavor has herbs with aromatic leaves and an unusually pure, fruity lemon note. It also has a clean fresh finish combined with a romantic floral touch.

“This new flavor has a sensational zesty taste and complements our other offerings. We hope consumers will enjoy this new sophisticated beverage as much as all the other Ayala’s Herbal Water flavors,” added Dr. Ayala.

When asked about the company’s new label, Dr. Ayala, said that the new label design is the natural evolution of the previous label. Said Dr. Ayala, “One of the goals in the redesign was to keep the beauty and artistic integrity of our old label, which received the prestigious Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design 2008 GOOD DESIGN™ Award, and improve shelf presence and communication.”

The redesign indeed stays true to the same artistic, sophisticated and bold color combinations that reflect the exotic high quality of Ayala’s Herbal Water flavors. The unique flavors receive more emphasis in this new label and are easy to read. Overall the design improves the consumers’ experience yet maintains the look and atmosphere of the brand.

Ayala’s Herbal Water™ is an all natural, USDA organically certified beverage with zero calories, zero artificial additives and zero preservatives. The water is made by blending hand-selected, organically grown herbs with purified water and nothing else – no preservatives, colors, artificial ingredients, sweeteners or calories – to create a refreshing taste and an enchanting aroma.
Ayala’s Herbal Water™ was officially launched in August of 2007, and since then the water raked up a string of awards and rave reviews. Prevention magazine named Herbal Water™ as one of their four favorite waters and later included it on their June list of ‘picks that target ab fat, boost health and taste amazing.” In addition, Ayala’s Herbal Water was chosen for “Editor’s Pick” by Natural Health, Named one of the “few things we can no longer live without” by Vital Juice Daily, was a winner of a 2007 Trailblazer Award for Flavor Infusion from Grocery Headquarters, and deemed “Product of the Week” by BevNet.

In 2008, the water also received its USDA Organic Certification making it the first nationally available organically certified enhanced flavored water in the market. Retailers across the country also recognized the brilliant potential for Ayala’s, so it is now carried nationwide by Whole Foods Market, Safeway, Central Market, Wegmans, Food Emporium, Giant, HEB, Raley’s, The Fresh Market and many natural food and specialty food stores.

Ayala Laufer-Cahana M.D. is the Philadelphia-area pediatrician who created the drinks after spending years exploring healthy, tasty ways to feed children and adults. Ayala is also a passionate cook, talented artist and lifelong vegetarian, and discovered Herbal Water while working in her garden exploring new alternatives to sugar-laden and artificially flavored beverages. Today Ayala’s Herbal Water sets a new standard for naturally enhanced healthy beverages: zero calories, zero artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors, and zero chemical preservatives. Nothing but great taste from pure water, infused with the finest organic herbs from around the world.

Ayala’s Herbal Water is available in six refreshing USDA Organic Certified flavors: cinnamon orange peel, lemongrass mint vanilla, jasmine vanilla, lavender mint lemongrass thyme, cloves cardamom cinnamon and ginger lemon peel. More information about the product, the benefits associated with herbs and how to find it in stores or online is available at www.herbalwater.com.