SlumpBuster Signs Distribution Deal with New England’s Garber Bros., Inc.

Corona, CA – SlumpBuster Energy, Inc. has announced its new distribution agreement with Garber Bros., Inc. Since its Walgreens debut in September, 2008, the new brand has seen encouraging sales results and seeks to expand its market share throughout the region. As a result of the new partnership, SlumpBuster beverages are now offered in over 500 stores throughout the New England region, just in time for baseball season.

The deal with Garber Bros. comes after the Boston Red Sox signed SlumpBuster spokesperson Kevin Youkilis to a 4-year, $41 million contract extension.

The new sports-energy brand continues to aggressively seek new deals. In early 2009, the New York Walgreens group added SlumpBuster’s flagship pin-striped product, as well as “Youk’s Signature” zero-carb beverage to its portfolio in 104 stores. SlumpBuster continues to expand its East Coast footprint and its parent company, MBSB Holdings, estimates an increase in sales for 2009 to exceed 460% over the previous year.