Xfuel, the Energy Drink for Gamers, Becomes Tag Team Partners with ISPW

Independent Superstars of Professional Wrestling (ISPW) have chosen with Xfuel as their new tag team partner. ISPW provides wrestling fans in the New Jersey area with body slamming action.

Xfuel, the gamers energy drink is the brain child of teenage brothers Alex Gere and Austin Gere, and their friend Nick Panes. Xfuel is a 2 oz energy shot that advertises to give new meaning to phrase “Take it to the Next Level” by increasing your energy, awareness, focus and stamina – all the things the elder Gere says gamers need to defeat their competition.

ISPW thought Xfuel with it”s tag line of “Attitude + Energy”, fit well in the world of professional wrestling. Austin Gere and Nick Panes are avid wrestling fans and spend several hours a week playing Raw vs. Smackdown 2009. They approached ISPW owner Tommy Fierro after seeing the revival of his ISPW. After exhaustive testing of several other potential drink endorsers, ISPW chose Xfuel because Xfuel represents the image that ISPW is after. “Winners get more than…Losers”.

Fierro is very excited about his new partership with Xfuel. “Xfuel is new, it”s hip, it”s current. It”s pop culture. That”s exactly what ISPW is. This tag team is a perfect fit. I”d venture to say well over fifty percent of wrestling fans play video games. This is just a perfect match for us. We are all very excited to have Xfuel moonsaulting their way into professional wrestling right here in ISPW.”

Xfuel had been tested by several ISPW wrestlers before forming the partnership and has proven itself to be effective in making winners.

Stepping out of the e-sports market and into the world of professional wrestling is a big jump for Xfuel. However, it was a natural progression, as Xfuel users are avid fans of all xtreme sports whether they are e-sports or real sports.

ISPW Superstar Judas Young, will become the official face of Xfuel in the world of professional wrestling. Judas is excited about his upcoming Championship match,”This is probably the most important match of my life cuz. Instead of downing a six pack of ice cold beers before this match, I”m going to be downing a six pack of Xfuel. When the match is over and the dust clears, there is going to be a new ISPW World Heavyweight Champion and his name is Judas Young. With Xfuel on my side, Punks Not Dead!”