Xfuel To Sponsor Team Foxy The Largest Top Ranked Female Gamers Organization

In an effort to make entry into this industry more accessible for females, Team Foxy was established in 2008 by Nicole Cullop (XBL gamer tag LethalxPrincess) and immediately became known as the top female team in the gaming industry (Gears of War2, Halo 3, and Call of Duty). Their presence in Major League Gaming (MLG) came as a surprise to many, not just for the shear number of members, but also for the proficiency of the female gamers.

Howie Panes, VP of Xfuel’s parent company About Me Labs stated that, “We are very proud, this is our first sponsorship and unlike our competitors, Xfuel will demonstrate to the gaming community that our products make winners.” Although, Team Foxy was formed in 2005, they were not banned together with a name and a purpose until recently. One of Team Foxy”s goals is to bring exposure to girl gamers and break down stereotypes in a predominantly male video gaming industry. The girls are confident that with the addition of Xfuel to their portfolio, they are one step closer in their quest to dominate the gaming world.

Team Foxy has gained a reputation not only for their skill level and beauty of the ladies, but also for their unwavering support and encouragement of not only other female gamers, but the gaming industry as a whole. Xfuel is looking for other teams inside and outside the virtual gaming world to display and promote the already familiar Xfuel logo.

Xfuel is the creation of Alex Gere, his brother Austin and friend Nick Panes. Xfuel is a 2oz. energy drink shot that promises to take your game to the Next Level by increasing your energy, awareness, focus and stamina, all the things Gamers need to defeat their competition. Xfuel is packed with healthy plant derived energy and Vitamins B3, B6, B12, and Vitamin C and contains zero calories with zero sugars.