Red Bull unveils energy shot


In 1996 a previously unknown blue and silver can appeared on US shelves with a simple promise “vitalizes body and mind” and a label: Red Bull Energy Drink. That year, a beverage category was born. Over the years Red Bull has built its reputation on this one energy product and has maintained its leadership position with the category.

Beginning this June, Red Bull will expand its energy options in the U.S. with Red Bull Energy Shot and Red Bull Sugarfree Shot. Red Bull’s entry into the shot category will grow its consumer base by introducing a premium shot from a trusted brand. Red Bull Energy Shot will engage new consumers, create new consumption occasions for Red Bull and deliver incremental business. Red Bull Energy Shot comes in re-sealable 2oz bottles that don’t need to be refrigerated, making them your on-the-go source of energy.anytime, anywhere.


Red Bull Energy Shots are concentrated, non-carbonated versions of Red Bull Energy Drink, in premium packaging that mirrors Red Bull Energy Drink with the same great taste. They are perfect for when you need an energy boost in a sip such as before a workout, in the middle of a meeting or while on the road.

Red Bull Energy Shot has 25 calories and Red Bull Sugarfree Shot has 2 calories, each with 80mg of caffeine. Red Bull Energy Shot will be available nationwide in June 2009 in single-serve (MSRP $2.79 in c-stores, $2.49 in grocery) and 2-packs (MSRP $4.99).

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