Distributors partner to bring New England tea to NY

Big Geyser brought Polar Beverages’ Black Jack Teas to New York City in July, according to Gerry Martin, vice president of marketing for Worcester, Mass.-based Polar.

Martin said the distributor created 16 oz., 88 cent pre-priced Black Jack to take advantage of the trend of putting teas in bigger cans – both rising at the time of the product’s introduction – and capture the value segment of the tea market.

He said he was thrilled to be working with a company as respected as Big Geyser, and called the partnership a good fit – both because the firms have a lot in common, and because Big Geyser did not have an internally competing product.

The entry joins other value-priced teas as consumers tend toward thriftier purchases. Snapple recently introduced a 79 cent pre-priced packaged, and AriZona has long led the value tea category with its 99-cent pre-priced 23 oz. cans.

Martin said competition with AriZona “would be a fun little battle,” but “I’m sure we’re not even on their map when it comes to Black Jack Tea.”

Within its own territory, Martin said Polar has increased the brand’s presence and recently arranged temporary placement in CVS stores.