glaceau announces new vitaminwater10 flavors

WHITESTONE, N.Y., Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ — Phone calls, emails, Facebook messages. . .people can’t stop talking about the new vitaminwater10(TM), which launched in April of 2009. With only 10 calories per serving and natural sweeteners, people can’t get enough — in fact, they love it so much they’ve asked for more varieties. Today, glaceau is proud to announce the introduction of four new vitaminwater10(TM) varieties to the line-up: go-go (mixed berry), mega-c (grape raspberry), recoup (peach-mandarin) and revitalize (green tea).

“It’s all about listening to consumers, and giving them what they want when they ask for it,” said glaceau Senior Vice President, Eric Berniker. “Before vitaminwater10(TM), consumers had to choose between low calorie and great taste. With vitaminwater10(TM), we’re giving them the perfect combination – a beverage that is only 10 calories per serving, naturally sweetened — and if I do say so myself, tastes really good. Now, with the introduction of these four new varieties, we’ve taken low cal to a whole new level!”

Introduced in the northeast and southern California earlier this summer, the four new vitaminwater10(TM) varieties have already received rave reviews by consumers – and, are flooding stores nationwide for all to enjoy. vitaminwater10(TM) is naturally sweetened with groundbreaking Truvia(TM) and contains only 10 calories per serving — making it a great-tasting, responsible hydration option for the calorie conscious consumer. On top of that, every 20-ounce bottle is formulated with a minimum of 100% vitamin c, 25% of four b vitamins (b3, b5, b6, b12) and added electrolytes (calcium, magnesium, potassium).

Today, there are eight varieties of vitaminwater10(TM): the four original — xxx (acai-blueberry-pomegranate), multi-v (lemonade), essential (orange-orange), energy (tropical citrus) and the new go-go (mixed berry), mega-c (grape raspberry), recoup (peach-mandarin) and revitalize (green tea). All varieties are available in 20-ounce bottles at a suggested retail price of $1.49.

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