Video: Interview with Rob Ehrlich founder of Rob’s Really Good and Creator of Pirate’s Booty

If there are two things that are certain about Rob Ehrlich, founder of Rob’s Really Good and creator of the popular line of Pirate’s Booty Snacks, it’s that he speaks his mind and is not afraid to make changes when he sees something that he doesn’t like.  These are the sorts of things that can keep a person – and company – very busy.  For Ehrlich and the Rob’s Really Good company and brand, things don’t stay static for too long.

Let’s look at the last three months: Back in July, Rob shook up his sales team, having quickly come to the conclusion that DSD was not the right route to market for his brand (although some DSDs remain in the picture).  He also completely overhauled the branding of his products  (gone are the cutesy animals and in is the “swirly swirl”) after visiting a retailer and becoming frustrated that even he – the guy who created the products – couldn’t tell which flavor was which.   And lastly, he changed up the flavors themselves, with only the most unique flavors, such as chocolate tea, sticking around.  The rest are being replaced with more exotic offerings that focus on veggie and fruit based nutrition, including a new salad flavor and a sweet potato juice drink.

While Rob certainly has more funding than the average beverage entrepreneur (starting a very successful snack line will do that), the underlying concept is something that can be applied to anyone:  when you know something isn’t working, change it as fast as you can.    

In addition to these things, Rob is working on putting the product in cans, which will allow the brand (with its new flavors) to gain a presence in school systems. He’s also going to be among the first beverage brands to adopt Whole Foods’ own “Whole Trade” system of fair trade certification (they’ll get an exclusive with Rob’s as a result). 

In the video, Rob talks about the evolution of Rob’s Really Good, taking the brand into schools, the positivity campaign that he’s championing for the brand, and what they are doing at the distribution and retail level.