Snapple Has Been Accused of “False and Misleading” Health Claims

Snapple has been served with lawsuits in California and Florida for making “false and misleading claims” concerning its Acai Mixed Berry Red Tea, the Dallas Star reported. Product advertising stated that the item was “caffeine free, with antioxidants and Vitamin C to support a healthy immune system." However, company officials who would not comment on the cases said that the labeling did not include the statement: "These claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration."

Additionally, the package and ads did not reference any scientific studies, a Dr. Pepper Snapple spokesman said. Dr. Pepper Snapple began selling Snapple Acai Mixed Berry Red Tea in 2006. It discontinued the line earlier this year due to low sales, but will continue selling the remaining supplies.

The California lawsuit was filed last week and claims class action status, the consumer said she relied on the immunity claims in choosing the tea. The Florida case, filed in state court last week, makes a similar claim, according to the news provider.

The Dallas Star article can be read in full here: