Jamba Aboard, Zola Pushes For Supplement Aisle

With the launch of a three-product line in combination with Jamba Juice, Zola is preparing to enter new channels – including supplements — in the coming year.

The Jamba Daily Superfruit Shots will feature the designation “Powered by Zola” – an indicator that they are using that company’s line of exotic Brazilian fruits: Acai (an antioxidant booster), Cupuacu (a vitality booster) and Acerola and Caja (vitamin-C boosters). Designed to be consumed as one ounce shots, the products will be available in resealable 16 oz. packages.

The shots, which are expected to launch in Jamba Juice retail stores, grocery stores, and other retail outlets, are indicative of Zola’s momentum in mainstream channels, but also show that it is reaching out to the supplement aisles in those stores.

It comes at a time when the brand has shown momentum — Zola showed more than 200 percent sales growth for a recent three month period. The company has also recently begun a major marketing effort to back up its growth in grocery stores, including radio advertisements.

“Having a powerhouse company like Jamba getting involved with Brazilian Superfruits and at the same time recognizing our expertise in the area is something we are proud of," said Zola CEO Chris Cuvelier.

By turning the fruits into a juice shot – the products come out to about $1 per shot per day — both companies hope to reach busy, health-conscious consumers who are interested in natural nutrition, Cuvelier said. It’s just part of a strategy to align Zola more closely with nutritional supplements as well as RTD juices.

“Up to this point, Zola has been a ready to drink beverage company,” Cuvelier said. “ Having the license for the Jamba brand for supplements gives us the ability to play in different channels that are a better fit for supplement products compared to RTD."

For Jamba, the licensing announcement is one of several that it has made in recent months, and it pushes the company strongly into the ready-to-drink market. It recently announced partnerships with O.N.E. Coconut Water and Nestle.