Double-Cola: New Distributors, Products and Design

November 4, 2010 • Chattanooga, TN: With markets growing, the Double-Cola Company is pleased to announce a range of updates to its products, visual identity, and distributors.

The company is partnering with S2 Design based in New York City to update its graphic identity.

According to Jamie Stedman-Novo of S2, the new identity brings a contemporary feel to the timeless brand.

“When we were first briefed on the project, we were told that as far as the taste goes, Double- Cola sits in a great middle ground between the two giants of the industry,” said Stedman-Novo. “It’s a great position to be in, and the new graphics speak to the identity of the brand and the incredibly smooth taste expectation.”

“The new design celebrates the company’s name, brings a new color to our cans, and embodies our personality. With a strong portfolio of product and package exploration, S2 Design was the perfect choice for a revitalization of our flagship brand,” said Gina McCommon, Director of Marketing for the Double-Cola Company.

These new visual elements will grace cans, bottles, advertisements, packaging, and digital resources for customers and distributors in the first quarter of 2011.

Double Cola has also welcomed six new distributors including Lawrence Distributing of Danville, VA; Carter Distributing of Chattanooga, TN; Mercer Wholesale of Bluefield, WV; Coca-Cola of Middlesboro of Middlesboro, KY; Blue Ridge Beverages of Morgantown, WV; and Ale-8-One Bottling of Winchester, KY. This new web of distributors increases the Double-Cola family of brands’ presence in the region, and brings more products to the market.

The Double-Cola Company is also pleased to announce that Chaser is now available in U.S. markets. Chaser, a lemon-lime soda, is packed with natural flavors and is completely caffeine-free. Chaser is a soft drink produced by Chattanooga’s Double-Cola Company, full of effervescence and fun.

“Based on feedback we have received from other markets, we are particularly excited to finally realize the introduction of Chaser into U.S. markets,” said Alnoor Dhanani, President of the Double-Cola Company. “We are confident that Chaser is a win-win product for our bottlers, distributors and consumers alike.”

To celebrate, limited edition 12-packs are being produced with all natural, pure cane sugar, for a sweetness that is natural and uniquely satisfying. In addition to cans, Chaser is available in 20 oz PET and 2 liter PET.

Additionally, the company has rebranded Cherry Ski has been as Ski: InfraRED.

“Ski InfraRED now appeals to an even larger market, and since the product’s rebranding, sales have increased double-digits,” said Mitch Reed, Sales Manager for the Double-Cola Company. “The eye-catching, bold new design helps the product stand out in a crowded marketplace.”

In other Ski news, Double-Cola has released a new product to reach out to a larger market segment: caffeine-free drinkers who prefer sugar-free sodas. Caffeine-Free Diet Ski is a tasty alternative for those who want timeless Ski citrus flavor without the calories or the caffeine.

Finally, Diet Double-Cola will also debut a fresh new look in the first quarter of 2011. Until a few months ago, Diet Double-Cola was sweetened with aspartame. Today, the Double-Cola Company has reformulated those sweetening ingredients and increased the product’s shelf life by 67%, keeping it caffeine-free all the while. More importantly, sales are up thanks to the change.