Naked Juice Serves Up Delicious Veggies in Two New Vitamin-Packed Smoothies

MONROVIA, Calif., March 9 /PRNewswire/ — Don’t let the delectable taste deceive you! Naked® Juice unveils two new, delicious, vegetable rich smoothies that remain true to the same great taste you’ve come to expect from Naked. Berry Veggie Machine™ and Orange Carrot smoothies are full of vegetables and essential vitamins, which means healthy never tasted so delicious!

Did you know that fewer than 1 in 10 Americans meet their calorie-specific fruit or vegetable recommendations? Not surprising – it’s mostly due to the taste! Naked Juice wants you to have your cake and eat it too with its new Berry Veggie Machine™ and Orange Carrot smoothies.*

We’ve packed our new Berry Veggie Machine™ with goodness, blending everything from healthy purple carrots, sweet potatoes, red beets and sweet corn to delicious cherries, strawberries and plums. This delicious and varied combination provides an excellent source of Vitamins A, C, E, B3, B5, B6, B12, potassium, fiber, iron and calcium. Plus, you get two whole servings of veggies and one serving of fruit in each 15.2oz bottle!** So much easier than eating corn on the cob in your car.

“Naked Juice Berry Veggie Machine™ is an excellent source of more vitamins and minerals than other leading fruit and vegetable juice blends***,” said Katherine Brooking, MS, RD. “As part of a balanced diet, this smoothie can help you meet your daily requirement for more than 10 important nutrients. Thanks to great taste and nutritional density, I’d recommend Naked Juice Berry Veggie Machine™ as one of the best fruit and veggie beverages in the marketplace today.”

In our delicious Orange Carrot smoothie, there is one serving of veggies and two servings of fruit in each 15.2oz bottle. Seeing and tasting is believing! This citrus and carrot blend will make your eyes light up and taste buds sing!

As with all Naked Juice products, Naked’s Orange Carrot and Berry Veggie Machine™ contain no added sugars or preservatives – ever.

Both new Naked Juice flavors will be available nationwide for the suggested retail price of $3.29 per 15.2 oz bottle.

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About The Naked Juice Company

Naked® Juice, a leader in the super-premium juice category, was founded and first marketed towel-to-towel on the beaches of Santa Monica, Calif. in 1983. The beverages in the Naked Juice line of all-natural, 100 percent juices, fruit juice smoothies and protein smoothies are made from the best bare-naked fruits and boosts with no added sugar or preservatives. Naked Juice can be found in supermarkets, club stores, health food stores and neighborhood markets throughout the nation.

* Sources:

1) Medscape J Med. 2009;11(1):26. Epub 2009 Jan 26. Fruit and vegetable intake among adolescents and adults in the United States: percentage meeting individualized recommendations.

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** Under USDA’s 2005 Dietary Guidelines 4oz. of 100% juice = 1 serving of fruit/vegetable. The Dietary Guidelines recommend you get a majority of daily fruit servings from whole fruit.

***Leading brands in comparison to Naked Juice Berry Veggie Machine

1) V8: V-Fusion Peach Mango (46 fl oz. bottle) – Excellent source of Vitamins A& C

2) Bolthouse Farms: 50/50 Fruit & Vegetable Juice Blend Passion (32 FL OZ Bottle) – Excellent source of Vitamins A&C

3) Bolthouse Farms: 50/50 Fruit & Vegetable Berry (15.2 fl oz Bottle) – Excellent Source of Vitamins B5, B6, C & E

4) Odwalla: Red Rhapsody Fruit Smoothie Blend (15.2 fl oz bottle) – Excellent Source of Vitamins A, C & E

5) Naked Juice Berry Veggie Machine™ (15.2 fl oz bottle) – Excellent source of potassium, dietary fiber, Iron, niacin, calcium and Vitamins A, B5, B6, B12, C, and E.