BAWLS resumes operations

BAWLS is back on line.

BAWLS Acquisition sent a letter to the brand’s business partners Thursday apologizing for being out of contact and announcing that BAWLS has resumed operations.

The letter announced the return of three BAWLS veterans, with Lisa Karell taking the role of Vice President to oversee sales. The group also said it has already produced more product in Alabama and Michigan, with another production run planned in California.

The brand had been in limbo since founders Hoby Buppert and Christina Staalstrom were forced out by investors late last year. In January, the company slashed staffing levels and effectively ceased operations as investors sought a buyer for the brand.

After failing to find a buyer, Kevin Coyne, a partner at Canal Mezzanine Partners, said in March that the brand’s investors planned to scuttle Hobarama LLC – the Buppert-owned corporate entity behind BAWLS – and resume operations.

BAWLS Acquisition describes itself as a team of investors “that have been financially involved with BAWLS for many years and are determined to keep the products actively in the marketplace.”