Waiwera Artesian Water Selects Young’s Market Company as Exclusive Distributor for California, Arizona, and Hawaii

LOS ANGELES (April 15, 2010) – Waiwera Artesian Water, rated the best bottled water in the world, and Young’s Market Company, one of the largest wine and spirits distributor in the U.S., are proud to announce today their exclusive distribution relationship to deliver Waiwera Water to all cities in California, Arizona, and Hawaii. Known around the world for its award-winning taste, impressive health attributes, and iconic green bottle, Waiwera has drawn its water from an artesian aquifer in one of the purest places on earth, New Zealand’s Waiwera Valley, since 1875.

Waiwera’s association with Young’s Market Company is yet another significant stride in growing its brand presence and product availability in the U.S. This past January, Waiwera’s U.S. distribution and intellectual property rights were acquired by Los Angeles-based beverage company Brandco which raised significant capital to take Waiwera to new heights in 2010. Young’s Market Company presents a surge of exposure for Waiwera due to its numerous distributions to top restaurants, grocery stores, clubs, and stores around the United States.

“We are elated about our relationship with Young’s Market Company as Waiwera is making great progress with its U.S. presence within the first several months of this year”, states Waiwera USA CEO, Philana Bouvier. “2010 is a big year for Waiwera Water and having Young’s Market Company as our distributor in the U.S. will allow us to take our brand to the next level and further position ourselves as a leading premium bottled water, not only overseas but here in the United States.”

About Waiwera Artesian Water:

Carbon dated at 15,000 years old, the water from Waiwera is utterly free of human pollution and consequently has the lowest total dissolved solids of any bottled water, anywhere. Waiwera’s high alkaline value of pH8.5 counteracts the stomach’s natural acidity, making the water uniquely suited to accompany the gourmet food served at great restaurants the world over. Legend has it that New Zealand’s Maori warriors would go to Waiwera to bathe in the waters to recover from the rigors of battle, adding further mythology to the Waiwera story.

Waiwera was voted the world’s best water in 2008 by Decanter Magazine expert taste test panel involving a pool of leading bottled water brands from around the world. The bottle has won several prestigious design awards including “Best Bottle in Glass” at the 2006 Bottled Water World International Design Awards and the Gold Medal for “People’s Choice for Package Design” at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Awards.

Waiwera Artesian Water is offered in 500mL and 1L sizes in both glass and PET bottles, with a sparkling offering in 500mL and 1L glass bottles. Waiwera is served at upscale hotels, restaurants and gourmet shops in California and Hawaii. For further information about Waiwera Artesian Water, please visit www.waiwerawater.com.

About Young’s Market Company

Young’s Market Company is one of the nation’s largest distributors of wines and spirits with operations in California, Arizona, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Utah, Montana, and Wyoming. Young’s Market Company is family owned and operated. The Underwood family has helped shape the landscape of the beverage alcohol industry by operating with the utmost integrity and highest standards. For more information contact: www.youngsmarket.com