A Visit with Ike Gill and Anthony Cardillo of DOX

BevNET.com President John Craven recently had a chance to interview Anthony Cardillo and Ike Gill of DOX Solutions, Inc. at their temporary office space in the Los Angeles area.  DOX Solutions is the maker of DOX Cardio Water, a resveratrol enhanced product that was conceived by three doctors, who are also continuing their day jobs as practicing medical professionals.

The brand, which is approximately one year old, has recently obtained outside help in the form of new CEO, Ike Gill, who is introduced during the video interview.   Gill was most recently the COO of One Natural Experience, makers of O.N.E. Coconut Water, but has also held positions with Nestle Waters, Penta, Water, Danone, and McKesson.   Cardillo refers to him as a “beverage expert” who will help the brand penetrate the market in ways that the rest of the team, who lacks beverage experience, wouldn’t know how.   During the interview, Cardillo acknowledges that he, like so many other beverage entrepreneurs, underestimated the uphill battle that comes after the product is created. 

As for the DOX Cardio Water brand, it is currently gaining acceptance in Natural channels with UNFI and additional flavors for their resveratrol enhanced line are in the works, Cardillo says during the interview.  Beyond that, their hope is to use their medical expertise and access to research to determine other opportunities in the functional space. 

The pairing of medical professionals and beverage vets is one that has been tried before (e.g. Function Drinks’ 2007 hires), but it hasn’t created a big success so far.  Cardillo is definitely conscious of this, stating that his product tastes good and that by “keeping it simple, people will believe you,” referring to the product’s functional side.

The video discusses a variety of topics, including the brand’s functional benefits, plans for expansion, management changes, and lessons learned during Cardillo’s first year as a beverage entrepreneur.