American Summits Source New Mineral Water With Environmental Perspective

NEW YORK –July 23, 2010 — American Summits LLC announces the launch of its new natural and sparkling water in 750 ml glass bottles and manufactured using sustainable environmental initiatives.

The company is marketing the water to restaurants, hotels and gourmet stores in New York, South Florida Southern California and Las Vegas beginning in July.

American Summits is the first brand of American mineral water drawn from high altitude sources with a point of origination between 10,500 and 12,000 feet. The company has chosen as its first source high altitude snowy peaks in Northwest Wyoming.

American Summits has made a commitment to alternative and green energy sources to run its enterprise. The company's bottling house is thermo-regulated through insulation and natural heat pumps in the soil. No aerial power lines are used. LED lights illuminate the bottling house and construction was carefully supervised as not to scar the surrounding mountainside. Hybrid delivery shuttles transport bottled water from the mountainside to a distribution staging area.

"We claimed the remotest mountain springs for our water – above the timberline at high altitudes, naturally sheltered from people, cities and industrial influences," said Philippe Lajaunie, CEO, American Summits. "Because the source is pristine, American Summits made a commitment to preserve that purity. Our sustainable bottling process ensures that no impact is felt on the mountainside. We bottle without leaving a trace."

The cost is $21.00 per case (Twelve, 750 ml bottles per case). For more information about serving American Summits to hotel and dinner guests, or locating an area distributor, please call (877) 643-4455, visit the website, or email

About American Summits

American Summits hopes to lessen bottled water's carbon footprint through the creation of a "green" brand of glass bottled water that's sustainably manufactured and sourced in America.