Wolfgang Puck Introduces New RTD Cold-Brewed, Iced Coffees

LOS ANGELES, AUGUST 2, 2010 –As a self described coffee lover, Wolfgang Puck learned early on what many coffee aficionados have come to know – that cold brewing iced coffee produces a better taste than the traditional hot brew method. The cold brewing process involves soaking ground coffee in cool water for several hours.  What results is a much more concentrated brew with more coffee flavor and less “bite” than the traditional hot brew method creates.  However, leading coffee retailers and manufacturers do not often practice this method because it is labor intensive.

Although cold brewing coffee is a much more difficult process, Wolfgang Puck has recently introduced this brewing method in his new ready-to drink bottled iced coffees.

“Our iced coffees have a superior coffee taste due to the cold brew process, plus they are made with the finest ingredients, and are not too sweet”, says Chef Puck.  
According to Mane Alves, President of Coffee Lab International and a member of the SCAA Technical Standards Committee, "Cold brewed equals slow brewed. You have to slow down the water going through the coffee beans to one drop per second as opposed to brewing coffee with hot water which takes only about six minutes”, states Alves. “Cold brewing can take from 4 – 24 hours. But the result is worth it."
Wolfgang Puck bottled iced coffees are made with a special blend of organic coffee that is slow brewed with cool water and mixed with complementing ingredients such as Tahitian vanilla, European chocolate, milk, and pure cane sugar.  The result is an organic, 120-calorie beverage in a variety of flavors: Café au Lait, Vanilla Fusion, Crème Caramel, and Double Blend Mocha.  Consumers on the West Coast can find a bottle of these specialty brews made by Wolfgang Puck at their nearest Henry’s, Farmers Market, Gelson’s, Albertson’s, Whole Foods Market, Bristol Farms, and Sunflower Market.  Wolfgang Puck Express Cafes plan to carry them nationwide.
For more information on this new cold brewed, organic, and lower calorie iced coffee, visit the Wolfgang Puck Iced Coffee web site at www.wolfgangpuckicedcoffee.com. The web site features product and ingredient information, product photos, and iced coffee recipes for cocktails, non-alcoholic beverages, and desserts. For information on Wolfgang Puck, his restaurants and other products, visit the Wolfgang Puck website at www.wolfgangpuck.com.

About Woodway Beverage Partners, LLC:
Woodway Beverage Partners is an entrepreneurial enterprise comprised of seasoned consumer packaged goods professionals with food, beverage, and coffee expertise in sales, marketing, manufacturing and distribution. Based in Houston, Texas, Woodway Beverage Partners was granted the exclusive license in 2008 to manufacture and market Wolfgang Puck ready-to-drink iced coffees.

About Wolfgang Puck Worldwide:
For more than thirty years, Wolfgang Puck’s name has become synonymous with the finest dining experiences in the United States and around the world.  His flagship Beverly Hills restaurant, Spago, opened in 1982 and is now one of 17 fine dining restaurants nationwide in addition to hundreds of Wolfgang Puck Bistro and Wolfgang Puck Express locations.  The catering arm of the business brings the same experience associated with his restaurants to some of the most renowned events and third-party venues in the country.  His burgeoning line of consumer products including frozen pizzas and appetizers, soups and broths, cookware, appliances, estate-grown coffee, ready to drink coffee drinks and more allow consumers to dine like they are in one of Wolfgang’s restaurants and cook like they are with him in the kitchen.