KonaRed Issues Statement In Response to VDF FutureCeuticals Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Sandwich Isles Trading Company, Inc., the makers coffee fruit beverage KonaRed, has issued a press release today in response to VDF FutureCeuticals’ patent infringement lawsuit launched against the company.

Here is Sandwich Isles Trading Company’s statement in full:

VDF FutureCeuticals’ COFFEEBERRY Trademarks Are Claimed Invalid And Patents Not Infringed

June 28, 2011, Kalaheo, Hawaii — Sandwich Isles Trading Co., Inc. (dba KonaRed™) today announced that it had already filed a response on June 14, 2011, denying the claims in the patent infringement lawsuit of VDF FutureCeuticals, Inc. pending in the U.S. District Court for the District of Hawaii.  The response asserts that KonaRed’s™ ingredients (for healthful, high-antioxidant, nutritional supplements and personal care products) are made from the deseeded fruit of Hawaii-grown coffee plants and do not infringe on VDF’s patents.

Shaun Roberts, KonaRed™ CEO and Co-Founder states, “I am confident in the difference in our products and that this lawsuit is an effort to slow down KonaRed’s™ explosive momentum.”

Steven Schorr, KonaRed™ Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder said, “The differences between the materials are night and day.  Our product is a thick dark red liquid extract made from red ripe fruit and contains no coffee beans, while the VDF patent is based on extracting a sub-ripe whole fruit. Their resultant product is a mustard yellow powder with characteristics that do not match the KonaRed™ product.”

KonaRed™ believes that the patent infringement claims are without merit and will defend it vigorously.  KonaRed™ has also filed a counterclaim against VDF, asserting that two of the patents relied upon by VDF are invalid, and that VDF’s “COFFEEBERRY” trademark registrations for coffee berry goods are invalid because “coffee berry” is a generic or descriptive term for the fruit of coffee plants used by the coffee industry for hundreds of years, and that VDF’s registrations must be cancelled.

KonaRed’s™ leading product is a 100 percent natural, crisp, berry-flavored beverage containing no preservatives, no GMOs, no coffee beans and less grams of sugar per serving than most fruits.  The antioxidant superfruit drink is gaining rapid distribution across the United States.  KonaRed’s™ Shaun Roberts said, “When developing products we strive for innovation and I believe in our unique chemistry.  This is a just a minor hurdle on the path to success.  KonaRed™ will actively and aggressively defend its right to continue to grow its successful business.”

About KonaRed™

In 2008, KonaRed’s™ executive team, led by CEO and Co-Founder Shaun Roberts, began to study the benefits of the coffee fruit in conjunction with Kona’s major coffee producers, which led to perfecting extraction methods and months of testing in leading U.S. laboratories to identify antioxidants and their benefits.  Clinically tested and proven from this process, KonaRed™ was created. For more information on KonaRed™, please visit www.konared.com, or call 808.212.1553.