ABB’s New Hydro Durance Enhanced Hydration Beverage

The latest ready to drink innovation from ABB Performance is Hydro Durance™ – the hydrating carbohydrate energy drink with amino acid muscle support.
Aurora, IL, November 03, 2011 –(— ABB’s newest performance beverage is formulated to provide active adults with sustained energy and hydration support while helping to protect muscle tissue from excessive breakdown during exercise. Look for Hydro Durance™ at gyms, fitness centers, health retailers and in refreshing Watermelon and Orange Cooler flavors.“Hydro Durance™ is non-carbonated and stimulant free, containing an advanced formulation of water absorbing dipeptides to promote hydration, lucine peptides for anti-catabolic muscle protection and staged carbohydrates designed to boost stamina for intense training or competition in any sport,” said Cara Hickey, Associate Brand Manager with ABB in Aurora. Each 18 fluid ounce bottle provides 30 grams of tangy fruit flavored carbohydrates to fuel your performance along with 1.5 grams of amino acid peptides. At just 120 calories, using Hydro Durance several times a day isn’t going to tip the scales of even the most dialed in diet plan.

Since 1985, ABB Performance has been leading the way with innovative ready to drink formulations and exceptional quality. Hydro Durance™ is bottled at a company owned and operated facility in Walterboro, South Carolina that is GMP Registered by NSF, the highly regarded public health and safety company.