BAZI Starts Buzzing Under Wildrick

Debbie Wildrick

She might be the new sales and marketing chief at BAZI, but Debbie Wildrick has moved the shot company onto some familiar turf.

Wildrick, the former head of the beverage category for convenience retail giant 7-Eleven, announced today that it has been approved for sale in those stores beginning in March.

“7-Eleven is our first retailer in the convenience store channel,” said Debbie Wildrick, BAZI’s Sales and Marketing Executive Vice President. “Because BAZI’s product offers energy plus nutrition in a powerful blend of eight superfruit extracts, we expect to attract new customers to the energy category.  Consumers are accustomed to buying shots in convenience stores and know they can find new and unique products at 7-Eleven locations.”

Riding the waves, Bazi-powered: Anastasia Ashley

BAZI has been very active in recent months, signing on a pair of high-profile athletes — surfer Anastasia Ashley and WNBA rookie of the year Tina Charles as brand representatives — and also prepping a print ad campaign to accompany its increasingly”sticky” set of internet ads, as the company has begun working with a firm that tracks and purchases remaindered advertising space on web sites visited by target consumers.

The marketing program should sync up with the increased presence in 7-Eleven’s spring and summer program, and Wildrick has made it clear she believes there are more stores soon to come.

“This partnership is very important to BAZI and the growth of our brand in 2011,” said BAZI CEO Kevin Sherman.