BevNET TV: An Interview with Dave Minnick of Purity Organic

Founded in 2006, Purity Organic Juices has quietly carved a successful niche in the premium juice category, achieving a 30 percent growth in revenues in each of the last three years. However, with the July announcement that First Beverage Group had made “a significant investment for a significant part of the company,” the company appears poised to make the leap from a boutique brand to a mainstream player.

In a recent interview at Purity Organic headquarters in San Francisco, BevNET founder John Craven sat down with Dave Minnick, the vice president of sales & marketing for Purity Organic. Minnick argues that Purity is well-positioned for dynamic growth because consumer trends show that juice drinks with simple ingredients – and simple marketing – are becoming more popular.

“We’re seeing a return to focusing on what the consumer wants to drink – and has drank in the past – rather than trying to sell them something that they don’t understand or is complicated,” Minnick said. “We fit into that [space] really well.”

Moreover, Minnick noted that the technical expertise and synergies provided by Purity’s whole fruit division gives the juice company the ability to sell its products at a relatively low price point – a key advantage amongst a growing field of premium juice manufacturers.

Now armed with the investment from First Beverage and a team of strategic advisors that includes Tom First, a co-founder of Nantucket Nectars, Purity will look to greatly expand distribution – particularly in the South, Northeast and Midwest.

In this video, Minnick discusses more on the investment by First Beverage, how “doing it the right way” will drive distribution of Purity juices, and why innovation in other emerging beverage categories – like functional waters and energy shots – makes Purity an easier sell to retailers.