Boston Bans Sale of “Sugary Drinks” on City Owned Property

Citing rising health care costs and climbing rates of obesity among local residents, Boston will completely ban the sale of “sugary drinks” on all city owned property according to a recent article in the Boston Globe.

The order follows up a 2004 ban of all so-called fizzy drinks and junk food from school vending machines and will require city departments to phase out the sale of all non-diet sodas, energy and sports drinks, pre-sweetened ice teas and RTD coffee within six months. The ban will also affect any advertising and promotion of the beverages.

Though Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino said in a statement that he wanted to make “the healthier choice the easier choice in people’s lives”, individuals seem divided on the new law with it being praised by some and invoking the wrath of others.

In an online comment responding to the Globe article, one reader angrily noted, “Yet another example of the “nanny state”.  WHY are we being denied our freedom of choice in so many areas? How long till we can only drink water and eat tofu, because Big Brother decides that’s what’s best for us an we’re too stupid to make our own decisions?”