Civil Suit Sharks Smelling Blood in the Coconut Water: Class Actions Mounting

…aaaand we’ve got another class action suit filed against Vita Coco, this one from a Florida-based attorney who is going after the top-selling coconut water brand in federal district court in Manhattan. The New York Post is reporting that Stacey Fishbein has filed it on behalf of anyone who has bought the stuff since 2007 because of a recently-issued study concerning the electrolyte content claims of coconut water brands.

That’s two today against Vita Coco, one against O.N.E., for those of you keeping score.

Remember, however, that beverage accuracy complaints are a tough road through court — the Center for Science in the Public Interest has largely been able to succeed in terms of getting marketing language and venues changed, while half the state attorneys general in the country were able to wring only about $700,000 in damages — after five years of litigation and off-the-charts health claims by Coke and Nestle — in their lawsuit over Enviga.

Still, here’s the story on the latest lawsuit.