Class Action Filed Against Naked Juice

First it was coconut water, where claims concerning the electrolyte levels of O.N.E. have recently come under legal fire.

Now, it’s Naked Juice, which is facing the potential of a class-action lawsuit over the natural ingredients the brand uses in its line of juice and smoothie products.

According to the plaintiffs in a suit filed on Thursday in federal court in California, Naked’s claims of “100 percent Juice”, “100 percent fruit” and “All Natural” are compromised in the face of the use of “synthetic ingredients… and chemical compounds that are not the vitamins they were claimed to be.”

First reported by Courthouse News Service, the suit claims that additives like calcium pantothenate, Fibersol-2, inulin, and others are added to provide the functional properties that Naked claims comes from the fruit itself.

Naked was purchased by PepsiCo in 2007.

In addition to the use of non-natural ingredients, according to the suit, the company is employing soy-based products, which may be genetically modified, as well. According to the suit, “almost all soy products are now genetically modified.”

PepsiCo has not yet filed a response to the suit.