Eye on Management: OJO Hires Cascadia

Remember OJO, the eye care beverage company that won the New Beverage Showdown at BevNET Live this past summer? They’ve signed a definitive management agreement with Cascadia Managing Brands to help refine and galvanize the brand’s go-to-market strategy.

OJO, a doctor-formulated eye care beverage, made its debut at the 2011 Natural Products Expo West show in March and gained a considerable amount of attention for its sleek packaging and innovative functional benefits.  The company gained further traction in the months following, culminating in a victory at the inaugural New Beverage Showdown.

“They seem to have everything it takes to break into the market: true innovation, great taste profile, salient benefit, telegraphic packaging, brilliant marketing plan with solid sales support ideals and a great passion for the product and the target,” said Bill Sipper, a managing partner at Cascadia Managing Brands.

OJO contains a range of vitamins and supplements clinically proven by the National Eye Institute’s Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS, 2001) to promote eye health. At present, the product is sold exclusively at ojonectar.com, however, the company will look to vastly increase its distribution to pharmacies, club and natural food stores and is currently in talks with a national drug store chain to place OJO into 200 stores by the first quarter in 2012.

“I’m confident that together we can make this product available to the millions of people who suffer from eye disease,” said Dr. Jodi Luchs, CEO and Founder of OJO. “Our task now is to get OJO fully commercialized, on trucks and on shelves and I trust that the Cascadia team are just the people to get the job done.”