Frank Kerker to run FMF Power Beverage

Longtime Lance Collins associate Frank Kerker, who had previously been a marketing executive at the serial beverage entrepreneur’s FUZE company, has been installed in a similar position with new beverage company FMF Power Beverage — his new title will be Chief Power Officer.

Kerker, a veteran of several entrepreneurial beverage companies, including FUZE, Cytosport, SoBe and Snapple, left Cytosport’s Muscle Milk operation in March to work with FMF, a new product co-developed by Collins and FMF, a well-known motorcycle parts company.

FMF, one of the first after-market motorcycle parts manufacturers, is well-known among racing enthusiasts — given Kerker’s background, that would seem to put it in his wheelhouse.

“I raced motocross and flat track growing up in Indiana and have always had a passion for motor sports that continues through today,” Kerker told BevNET.

According to Kerker and Collins (who is himself busy with the launch of energy/sports drink/functional beverage hybrid Body Armor), the growth of Motocross and other two-wheeled extreme sports makes the new product a great fit for its target demographic. The product aims at the overlap of hydration and recovery — which appears to include a hefty dose of energy as well, as a can comes with 240 mg of caffeine, as well as ginseng, yerba mate, and other nutritional supplements and a blend of B and C vitamins.

“There’s 24 million motorcycle users,” Collins said during a recent interview. “Everywhere there are these young kids who are FMF brand enthusiasts. It’s instant equity when you’re out there in the field.”

And not just motorcycle users. The brand has also signed up champion BMX biker Ryan Nyquist to help endorse the product.

Kerker — once again holding the “Chief Power Officer” title, will largely be in charge of the day-to-day operations for FMF. The brand acquired early buzz becau

BMX Champ Nyquist: Also a Fan of FMF

se of both the FMF brand name and its association with Collins, who was brought on to help formulate and direct the drink’s development. Collins did say he would remain in contact with FMF.

“I have all my oars in the water with Body Armor now,” Collins said. “I’m going to be on the board (of FMF) and will be talking with Frank on a day-to-day basis.”