FUZE Founder’s First New Drink Hits the Shelf

While consumers have to wait until June to try his long-awaited BODYARMOR SuperDrink line, FUZE founder Lance Collins has another set of products on the market as of today: FMF Power Beverage.

Developed in conjunction with FMF Racing owner Don Emler, the all-natural two flavor line is geared toward a four-function approach, hydration, recovery, performance and energy. Launching in Los Angeles yesterday, the citrus lemonade and fruit punch varieties come in resealable 16 oz. aluminum bottles with an SRP of $2.49.

FMF Power contains Caffeine, Ginseng, Green Tea and Yerba Mate extracts – the kinds of things that are supposed to help motorcycle athletes keep from eating curb.

Meanwhile, BODYARMOR, despite attempts to increase buzz early on (helped by high-profile hires like ex-Muscle Milk, SoBe and FUZE executive John Kenneally) remains off the shelf thus far. Another all-natural mix, Collins says BODYARMOR will contain coconut water, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and electrolytes, and, when it hits stores, will be available in six flavors, Raspberry Blueberry Goji, Cranberry Citrus, Tropical Mandarin, Strawberry Banana Guava, Orange Mango Black & Green Tea and Pomegranate Acai Green Tea. The pricing for the SuperDrinks will be similar to that of the Power Beverage: SRP of $1.99 to $2.49.