Grombomb Healthy Rehydration Inks Distribution in San Diego County

SAN DIEGO Calif., (February 17, 2011) – San Diego based GBomb LLC., makers of the 10.5 oz grombomb healthy rehydration, is proud to announce its distribution partnership with the San Diego based premium beverage distributor John Lenore & Co.  John Lenore & Co. will service the entire San Diego County.

“We are extremely excited to carry grombomb which is a segway into a new category for us. Welcome to the Family”!  states John Lenore & Co. VP of Sales Sean Nichols.

“Many new items come around but very few with the passion and energy that grombomb has shown.  When the CEO is out riding with the reps and building the brand, that’s special.  We never know what will make it in the marketplace, but when the energy of a grom and the power of a bomb collide…..good things can happen.” states John Lenore & Co. District Sales Manager Richard Frank.

grombomb healthy rehydration is a unique formulation that is caffeine-free, electrolyte enhanced beverage that is made and created with all-natural ingredients as an alternative to sodas and typical energy drinks.  Our vitamin B blend was created to provide adequate daily vitamin intake for kids, which results in the improvement of mental ability, fights fatigue, and supports the functions of the nervous system.

Not all things are for all people.  grombomb healthy rehydration was created to stimulate mental activity away from video games and encourages the landscape of the active outdoor lifestyle.  Size was also a concern in development because the “more mentality” is not always better. grombomb’s formulation and unique 10.5 oz. sleek can is size appropriate for kids and is in actuality spearheading a new beverage category.

”We are absolutely THRILLED to have the opportunity to build a solid foundation with an Industry Leader, John Lenore and Co.” states grombomb CEO Eric McCormick.  “grombomb healthy rehydration is a lifestyle, healthy alternative in a can that was designed to taste great and appeal to “grom’s” filled with flavor and fun. We hope to support the youth culture in action sports, but not limited to, with a hip, fun platform to show “their” stoke!” exclaims McCormick.

grombomb healthy rehydration will be hitting the shelves all around San Diego County.  If your favorite store doesn’t carry it, DEMAND it!

About grombomb healthy rehydration:

grombomb healthy rehydration was inspired by groms for groms.  grombomb energy is super stoked to provide a healthy, rehydrating formulation to young, enthusiastic athletes, families and our community.  The word “grom” is derived from the word grommet, which is the description of a surfer or action sports athlete under the age of 16.  By adding the word “bomb” to the name, we infused the youth sport culture to create the sentiment that if you drink grombomb, “explode” in your sport!  Be prepared to expect the unexpected…there are many great things to come from grombomb healthy rehydration.  Check us out at

About John Lenore & Co.

John Lenore & Co. has been servicing San Diego County for more than 40 years.  Family owned and operated since 1966, John Lenore & Co. is your source for “Premium” Beverages”, sensational “Craft” brews and delicious “healthier” snack options. Our mission is to provide our loyal customers with quality products at a fair price and deliver exceptional profits and service!   Please contact if you would like to carry or inquire about grombomb healthy rehydration.