Hint, Legend in Financial Harmony

Looks like HINT has gone the celebrinvestor route, adding R&B singer John Legend (we loooove that joint you dropped with The Roots, yo!) and a pair of private equity groups, The Artists Organization (Legend is a part of this one) and NY-based G2 Investments, to its funding mix.

Current and former Verlinvest stablemates Vita Coco and Vitaminwater have both gone this route effectively as a way of boosting their public profiles while juicing sales and resources.

No word yet on total investment amount — stay tuned. The announcement is below:

John Legend Buys Water, Not Sugar

Nine-time Grammy Award winner invests in healthy lifestyle company HINT, Inc.

Popular recording artist John Legend and a group of his colleagues have invested in San Francisco-based healthy lifestyle company HINT, Inc.

Legend and associates at The Artists Organization, a Los-Angeles-based artist representation firm, first discovered unsweetened HINT essence water last year at Whole Foods Markets and Starbucks Coffee Company.  They contacted HINT founders Kara and Theo Goldin to learn more about the company and its goals, and discovered that HINT was about much more than simple refreshment, but easy steps towards a healthier way of life.

“I enjoy drinking HINT water because it’s refreshing without tasting sweet or artificially flavored,” says Legend.  “As we got to know Kara and Theo, it became clear that HINT is ultimately their commitment to making it easier for people to lead healthier lifestyles.  I joined them as an investor not only because I actually drink HINT water, but also because I truly believe in both the product and its ‘Drink Water, Not Sugar’ message and I am excited to watch the company grow.”

“It’s great to have someone on board who believes in the ideals of why HINT was founded,” says Kara Goldin, CEO of HINT Inc.

Gary Gersh, Legend’s manager and founder of The Artists Organization, was introduced to HINT when he opened his home refrigerator and saw that his wife had filled two shelves of it with the essence water. “She had been drinking HINT for months and was hooked,” said Gersh. “It turned out that several people I know, including John, had also been drinking HINT, so we decided to find out more about the product, how it is made, and what the company itself stands for.”

G2 Investment Group www.g2investmentgroup.com, a New York based investment management company, has invested in HINT alongside Legend as a part of their ongoing partnership with TAO.

With over 60 percent of the United States overweight, HINT is just one step toward helping people live a better lifestyle.  In the midst of a childhood obesity epidemic, HINT is the first beverage other than plain water approved by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation in schools. With this in mind, John believed in HINT and saw that he was supporting a much larger cause to help people change the way they consume products and read labels.

The problems we face today can seem overwhelming and complicated, but the solution might just start with something as simple as Drink Water, Not Sugar.

Below is a link to John’s story on YouTube explaining his why he chose to align himself with HINT: www.youtube.com/HINTtv.

About HINT: HINT, whose mantra is Drink Water, Not Sugar® is the brainchild of Kara Goldin, a San Francisco mother of four who was seeking a refreshing, unsweetened and no calorie beverage to give her family. Her simple solution – HINT Essence Water. Launched in 2005, Kara developed HINT in response to the growing wall of sugary juices and sodas. HINT is at the heart of a healthy lifestyle(TM), and is available in many delicious flavors including Blackberry, Watermelon, Pomegranate-Tangerine, Mango-Grapefruit, Strawberry-Kiwi and Raspberry-Lime. HINT Essence Water can be found in fine grocery stores and retailers all over the United States or purchased online at www.drinkHINT.com. More information is also available at www.facebook.com/drinkHINT.