Ingredients Flow Fruitfully at engredea

Best known as a trade show for all-natural consumer products, Natural Products Expo West (which ended last weekend) also dedicates a section of its floor-space to those business-to-business supplier companies who sell to natural brand manufacturers. Hitherto known SupplyExpo, this year the supply section of the show was officially rebranded as engredea. View Photos From Engredia

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Len Monheit, Executive Director of New Hope’s Supply Network, ushered in the engredea era with a champagne toast at the start of the first day.

“It’s all about the ingredients,” Monheit offered BevNET via explanation of the show’s rebranding.
Indeed, engredea was all about the ingredients, particularly new, functional ingredients. New at the show and winner of New Hope’s best new ingredient award was DSM Nutritionals’ FruitFlow. A water-soluble, tomato-based concentrate, Fruitflow is clinically proven to reduce platelet aggregation and help blood flow.

Not commonly thought of as a beverage function, improved blood flow is important to cardiovascular health and the prevention of blood clots. Fruitflow was developed by a UK-based company called Provexis which introduced the ingredient in Britain in 2006 in a beverage called Sirco.

FruitFlow is the only functional ingredient permitted to make a health claim in the European Union. The health claim permitted by the European Food Safety Authority states: “Helps maintain normal platelet aggregation, which contributes to healthy blood flow.”

DSM said it didn’t have plans to pursue a similar health claim here in the US, noting that current structure function claims permitted for dietary supplements could adequately convey the ingredient’s functionality.

Lending legitimacy to its U.S. launch, DSM displayed new bottles of the relaxation product Relaxzen, whose Day and Night formulas now both highlight the Fruitflow logo on their shrink-sleeve labels. The new Relaxzen formulation was unveiled at Expo West.

“Fruitflow is an extremely exciting ingredient,” said Brent Sonnek-Schmeltz, President and CEO of Relaxzen. “We are the first product in the US to have it, and the second in the world.”

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