Vitaminwater’s Repole Continues to Branch Out

Mike Repole, who helped revolutionize the beverage industry as the co-founder of Vitaminwater, has sets his sights on the changing the way consumers look at fast food.

Repole is now the chairman of Energy Kitchen, a so-called “healthy, fast-casual eatery” that offers low-calorie menu items like turkey burgers and baked fries. Repole has stated that he wants to “transform the entire fast food industry” and hopes to open 1,000 new Energy Kitchen restaurants throughout the United States over the next ten years, according to a recent press release.

“Consumers are being forced to purchase high calorie burgers, wraps, sandwiches, greasy fried fries and high calorie beverages due to a lack of healthier options,” Repole said. “The time is now for a healthy revolution in the fast food segment.”

Energy Kitchen’s menu also includes grilled salmon and turkey meatloaf entrees, bison burgers, steamed vegetables, and only low or zero-calorie beverages. Everything on the menu is either grilled, baked or steamed and nothing contains more than 500 calories.

“We at Energy Kitchen are determined to fight obesity and become one of the biggest influences nationally when it comes to healthy eating,” Repole said.

Within the next two years, Repole will spearhead the opening of 40 new Energy Kitchen restaurants in a number of strategic markets including Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Houston.