Nestle Brings on Mother Nature

Nestle Waters apparently believes that Mother Nature has survived a recent onslaught by Vitaminwater, and that she — or at least her portfolio of four-legged woodland assets — is ready to start selling water again.

The country’s largest bottled water seller has launched a new animated social media campaign to encourage healthier drinking habits for consumers of its regional sparkling water brands. 

Calling it “Nature’s Fix”, the campaign started last week on the Facebook pages of the Nestle-owned sparkling spring water brands, including Arrowhead, Deer Park, Ice Mountain, Ozarka, Poland Spring and Zephyrhills.

The campaign comes about 24 months after Coke-owned Vitaminwater launched a major campaign behind stevia-sweetened Vitaminwater 10 (now rebranded as Vitaminwater Zero) as improving on Mother Nature — who is depicted in the advertisements as the head of a water company frightened by competition from the better, enhanced, but all-natural product.

The Nestle campaign uses animated forest animal characters to target dieting consumers who are looking for a healthy drink option, showing them that they can drink refreshing beverages without added sugars or artificial ingredients.

Carolina Rodriguez, senior brand manager for Nestlé Waters’ Regional Spring Water Brands in the US, explained how the initiative aims to encourage people to ‘get hooked on something good’.

She said: “The new Nature’s Fix campaign aims to communicate the natural attributes of the regional spring water sparkling brands, which offer refreshment without unwanted baggage.

The campaign – which runs until 21 November 2011 – follows a recent survey by Nestlé Waters North America in June, which revealed that more than 80 percent of Americans drink carbonated soft drinks. Among them, a quarter indicated they would be open to replacing soft drinks in their diets with naturally flavoured sparkling water.

Those who haven’t replaced it with Vitaminwater, that is.