New Age Beverage Launches Just Pure Water

New Age Beverage is now offering consumers the chance to reach for a nice, cold can of water.

The Colorado-based XING Tea maker is putting out the unsweetened, flavored essence water in a three-flavor line — orance, berry and lemon-lime — starting later this summer. New Age plans to sell the 23.5 oz. cans of Just Pure Water for $.99.

The cans — which were designed by Ball Corporation for the new product — are designed to look “wet” with condensation. The backs of the cans — made from 68 percent recycled content — will feature sustainability–oriented facts related to aluminum.

Early distribution for Just Pure Water will be in Denver — through New Age’s own distribution operation — and Phoenix, via Hensley. The product has already received approval in Sprouts natural markets.

“We saw the business that cans are doing in craft beer,” said New Age owner Tom Lebon. “We thought, if they can do more beer in cans, why can’t we do a water in a can?”