Red Bull Takes Aim at Bullseye Energy

In a federal lawsuit filed in Vancouver, Red Bull and its subsidiary Red Bull Canada have accused Bullseye Beverages of infringing on company trademarks and using deceptive marketing intended to confuse consumers about its Bullseye Energy Drink.

According to the lawsuit, filed on August 3, Red Bull claims that Bullseye Beverages Ltd. and its management have marketed Bullseye Energy Drink “to cause or be likely to cause confusion in Canada between the defendants’ wares and the wares and business of Red Bull.”

Additionally, Red Bull alleges that Bullseye Beverages “passed off their wares as and for those of Red Bull” and that one of the company’s directors has “represented to the public that Bullseye Energy Drink has the same formula as, and is identical to, ‘Red Bull’, other than the fact it is not carbonated.”

Red Bull is seeking undisclosed punitive and exemplary damages as well as an injunction that would prevent Bullseye Beverages from using the image of a charging bull with the red Bullseye trademark and any other trademarks, names or designs that are likely to be confused with those of Red Bull.