Shadow Beverages Acquires Whey-UP

Breaking news out of Tempe this morning: hot off the heels of announcing a deal to develop products with functional health supplier GNC, Shadow Beverages acquired protein-based energy drink Whey-UP.

Platform synergies are apparent here. More to come. Release is below:

TEMPE, AZ, June 6, 2011 — Shadow Beverages and Snacks, LLC, the producer and distributor of Ironclad Energy + Hydration, No Fear Energy Drinks and GNC-Live Well, Drink Well Beverages, announced today that the company has acquired the Whey-UP line of ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages to its expanding portfolio.   A drink that combines 20 grams of whey protein in a non-carbonated, sugar-free energy drink, Whey-UP was founded in 2006 by fitness enthusiast Erik Rothchild.

When Erik decided to mix his own pre-work out beverage by combining whey protein powder with a sugar free energy drink, he immediately noticed a significant improvement in his performance.  After searching for a similar commercially available product to no avail, and sharing his drink with peers and work-out partners only to receive positive reviews, Erik decided to create Whey-UP, “The Original Protein Drink with Energy.”

“By combining the functional elements of an energy drink with 20 grams of whey protein, we think Erik has done a terrific job of developing a great tasting, multi-functional product,” said George Martinez, President and Co-Founder of Shadow Beverages.  “We are confident that there is a larger distribution and consumer market opportunity with the Whey-Up line of products, and we are excited to expand the brand’s presence beyond the southwest territory”.

“With Shadow’s extensive beverage industry experience, I am excited to join their team to continue to grow this brand beyond its humble beginnings,” states Erik Rothchild, creator and founder of Whey-Up, LLC.  “Next month, we will be introducing new packaging which will create an entirely new look for the brand.”