Share of Stomach, Share of Government

Some interesting news out there that we’re not too proud to introduce:

First of all, Advertising Age has done a five-year update on just what the heck it is Americans drink. Turns out soda consumption is down nearly 7 gallons per U.S. resident annually from 2005 to 2010, although still nearly twice as much per capita as the number 2 product, bottled water (44.7 gallons to 28.3 gallons). Still, bottled water appears to have soaked up most of that share of stomach — nearly 3 gallons. Also up: tea, wine, enhanced water, spirits, and energy drinks. Check out the story here.

Meanwhile, what’s keeping the door open for all that soda consumption? First of all, ad spending (the big three cola companies spent more than $500 million on advertising last year) but they’re also trying hard to make sure the government is on their side, as well: according to the Associated Press, for example, the Coca-Cola Co., Inc. spent $2 million on lobbying just last quarter; that’s up from $1.9 million for the same period last year.