Taylor’s Tonics Unveils New Holiday Fizz Collection

Taylor’s Tonics hasn’t just cooked up a four-pack of Holiday Flavors, they’ve apparently taken the opportunity to put together a silent movie and tribute to Ken Kesey:

Here is the press release announcing the new collection:

SANTA CRUZ / SAN FRANCISCO, CA (December 1, 2011) –  Just in time for the holidays, Taylor’s Tonics proudly delivers the 2011 Holiday Fizz Collection to select natural food retailers and Cost Plus World Market locations nationwide. With a $5.99 SRP,  this innovative assorted pack includes one each of the four top-testing flavors whittled down from a list of over thirty. This year’s assortment includes all natural: Eggnog Fizz, Cranberry Dream, Gingerbread House Sparkler, and last but certainly not least, Candy Cane Shake.

“The full assortment has so far been received with extreme warmth and enthusiasm by preliminary testers, family, and friends,” explains Taylor Peck, Co-Founder and Brewmaster at Taylor’s Tonics Botanical Brewery, “Further, we expect at least one of these flavors to morph into a year-round flavor with some mild alterations”.

All four brews will be available for sampling at the BevNET Live event in Santa Monica, CA next week.  This will be the first industry unveil of the line. “We couldn’t be more excited to bring our form of holiday cheer for an initial tasting to the hub of all things fizzy,” suggests Peck.

It has been an exciting few years for Taylor’s Tonics since launching the line in 2008. “Sales have doubled every year since the start, and we’ve had no indicator that we’re going to deviate from this path anytime soon,” Peck says. “Our reach has been given a significant national boost by supportive retailers and distributors who appreciate the authenticity and staying power of our brand and flavor innovations”. The current ‘year-round’ line of Taylor’s Tonics include spicy and rich “Chai Cola”, Yerba Mate infused “Mate Colada” and “Mate Mojito”, and the cayenne infused “Café Azteca” (sparkling espresso with Cocoa, Cayenne, and Cinnamon). In a nod to Café Azteca’s cult status, the formula is intentionally made available only to distributors and retailers in Taylor’s home state of California, and Co-Founder Aaron Dolson’s home state, Texas.

“I’ve had the great fortune of working with many beverage visionaries and eclectics since I began in the beverage industry 15 years ago” says Peck. “Taylor’s Tonics is the cumulative branding and formulation knowledge I’ve been able to acquire set to a timely launch”

“We use certified organic herbs, tea, and sweeteners and process the blends as you would a craft beer, minus the fermentation,” explains Peck, “What we’re making is genuinely top shelf.” The Holiday Fizz Collection is an intelligent departure from the standard approach to holiday wares.  Taylor’s has created a blend that is sophisticated in flavor, enjoyable to the palate,  and sensible to the conscious label reader by utilizing small amounts of stevia leaf and substantial amounts of coconut water within all four recipes,.  Although the Holidays are generally considered a time of indulgence, Taylor’s is proving you can enjoy the season without going overboard on sugars, artificial flavors, preservatives, and colorings.

Taylor’s Tonics will be featuring this new line among others for distributor and retailer pre-orders at the NASFT Fancy Food Shows and the Natural Products Expos.

About Taylor’s Tonics Botanical Brewery
Founded in Santa Cruz, Taylor’s operates administratively in San Francisco. The company has produced a variety of products for private label and foodservice. More information regarding products, sales, distribution, representation, or investment can be found at www.TaylorsTonics.com or by emailing info@TaylorsTonics.com.