Team Ex Drinks Surfer Zoltan Torkos Lands First-Ever Kickflip on a Surfboard

HENDERSON, Nev.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On Friday, March 4, Team Ex Drinks Surfer Zoltan Torkos paddled out at his local Santa Cruz surf break Steamer Lane. Torkos, 29, of Santa Cruz, Calif., is known simply as “The Magician.” Coming from a long line of magicians, Zoltan possesses an uncanny ability to perform magic tricks on land and in the water. Torkos lived up to his name this past Friday when he became the first documented surfer to perform a kickflip on a surfboard.

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The kickflip was originally a skateboard trick invented by freestyle skateboard legend Rodney Mullen in 1983. Originally called the “Magic Flip,” the kickflip has become a defining move of modern skateboarding. It was the kickflip that revolutionized skateboarding by opening the doors to new creative tricks and outbursts. We will have to wait and see just what effect the kickflip will have on surfing.

Torkos has resigned with Team Ex Drinks in 2011. His other sponsors include SurfCo, Hawaii. Torkos was riding a Vernor surfboard when he successfully landed the kickflip on film. To view the video, please visit Zoltan Torkos’ athlete page.

In 2007, Volcom Stone launched a contest awarding $10,000 to the first person to capture a video of a proper kickflip being performed on a surfboard. Despite many attempts and submissions, the contest and the elusive trick remained unclaimed. Following his successful kickflip this past Friday, Torkos has submitted his film clip into the Volcom Stone contest and is waiting to hear back on his official entry. The full rules and contest updates may be viewed on Volcom’s website.

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