The Celsius Tennis on the Ave featured Grand Slam champions and Hall of Famers John McEnroe & Mats Wilander playing tennis in the middle of the street on Atlantic Ave in the heart of downtown Delray Beach.

With Delray Beach mayor Woodie McDuffie in the umpire chair, the match was light hearted, fun, and filled with humorous banter from McEnroe and Wilander as they played in this unique setting. Celsius Tennis on the Ave kicks off the Delray Beach International Tennis Championships which features the World’s only combined ATP Champions Tour & ATP World Tour Event featuring tennis legends and ATP professionals.

Celsius’ local champions came out to support the Celsius team and enjoy the event.  These customers came to life from Celsius’ website where they appear under a section titled “Real People – Real Results. “ Four local people, who have lost a combined total of over 200 pounds with Celsius and exercise, attended for fun and for interviews with the local media.  They were enthusiastically sharing their stories throughout the crowd. One customer facebooked after the match, “ ..had a blast and it was great to meet the Celsius superstars behind the scenes!”

Celsius Tennis on the Ave required special talents as this battle of the champions was filled with laughter as they struggled to keep volleys within the street lines, lobs out of the trees, and aces away from the crowd. Celsius was the presenting sponsor for spectacular Celsius Tennis on the Ave which was a crowd pleaser as they sipped Celsius while watching the match.  Local radio station DJ’s promoted Celsius giveaways to the crowd that enjoyed an incredibly beautiful evening under twinkling lights.

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