Tuesday Press Clips – Ineffective Soda Bans, Coconut Water Explodes

Some pretty provocative stuff out there in the news today — and we’re not talking politics.

In the New York Times, there’s an interesting take on the war on sugary drinks. The Times reports on a new study that found state laws that ban soda – but not other sweetened beverages – to be ineffective in reducing the amount of sugary drinks middle school students buy and consume at school. The study was published this week in The Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.

In a take on the beverage category of the moment, Slate.com published a story about the explosion of coconut water products on the market and how companies like Zico and Vita Coco latched onto so-called “wellness-focused” trendsetters as an initial consumer base and eventually eased into mainstream adoption.

“We couldn’t afford a $100 million marketing campaign to reach everyone,” Mark Rampolla, the CEO of ZICO told Slate. “So we needed to start small, with a targeted audience. We found out that yoga practitioners were fans of coconut water. They understood electrolytes but thought Gatorade was the antichrist.”