Video: Interview with Bill & Bob Sipper of Cascadia Managing Brands

Having been involved in the beverage industry at almost every level, Bob and Bill Sipper have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of new companies come and go. And in their combined decades of experience, the brothers – and now business partners — have developed their own sense of the elements that contribute to the success of new brands, as well as the common problems that trip up most.

“[Brands] primarily stumble over the need to be successful in a week,” Bob Sipper said during a recent visit to BevNET’s offices. “How many energy drinks do we see on an ongoing basis that roll through the system and all you ever hear is ‘We taste better than Red Bull’. What companies need to understand is that it’s a long process.”

Already working closely over the past two years, and with their expertise and knowledge in brand building, innovation, sales, marketing and distribution, the Sipper brothers recently merged their individual consulting businesses to form Cascadia Managing Brands. The new company will offer access to “a network for small companies entering the industry” and act as “an incubator for larger companies who have struggled launching smaller brands.”

“We’re kind of an ‘outsource resource,’” said Bill Sipper. “We’re the VP of sales, the VP of marketing, the VP of finance – whatever you need, depending on what services you need.”

As part of their recent visit to BevNET headquarters, John Craven sat down with the Sipper brothers to discuss the combined efficiencies of the merger, as well as how Cascadia will address the needs of new brands with regard to alternative distribution channels and emerging beverage categories.