Video: Trends at Expo West 2011

With more than 130 beverage companies buying booth space, and a few dozen more tramping the aisles, Natural Products Expo West provided a near-comprehensive look at the way entrepreneurial beverage brands are growing, and also served to underscore the vital nature of the natural channel when it comes to introducing new products. Even brands not necessarily considered “natural,” like FRS and Activate, took up booths to battle channel stalwarts like gourmet juices, full-leaf teas, and coconut waters for retail buyers’ attentions.

As BevNET waded through new product introductions and changes in marketing strategies, some themes began to emerge: new superfruits, gut health, the use of hot products like cocoa or coconut water as ingredients, and other important trends are discussed in the following video.

Please note: A video tour of beverage booths will be posted on our site tomorrow…stay tuned.

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