WAT-AAH! Announces the Successful Broadcast of Its First Ever Web-based ”Show Me WAT-YOU-GOT!” Kid Talent Contest, Winner to Appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Today

NEW YORK, Feb. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — On February 15th, WAT-AAH! concluded its Show Me WAT-YOU-GOT! talent contest by creating a live Facebook event announcing the winners of its art, spelling, dance, soccer and the highly anticipated singing competition. The contest garnered over 5,000 entries, over 250,000 YouTube views and close to 1 million impressions, comments and interaction on WAT-AAH!”s Facebook page.

 “We asked kids across America to show us WAT-YOU-GOT! and the response was truly spectacular,” says Rose Cameron, CEO of WAT-AAH!. “Our contest has demonstrated the tremendous creativity, talent and energy of today”s kids and their love and acceptance of a truly healthy product like WAT-AAH! As a brand, we believe that it is important to remain contemporary and relevant in our marketing efforts to convince kids to drink the healthiest source of hydration – WATER!”

 While the contest focused on a multitude of talents, one particular 12-year-old girl from Los Angeles caught the attention of thousands of fans. Savannah Robinson”s submission was a tribute to Beyonce”s song “Listen” (http://www.youtube.com/user/wataahISg00d), which won her the first ever WAT-AAH! Singing Sup-AAH! Star! title.

Savannah will be awarded a cash prize, a trip to New York to record a song and a chance to audition for a record deal. She will be appearing today on The Ellen DeGeneres” Show, after Ellen was amazed by her You Tube performance. (http://ellen.warnerbros.com/videos/?autoplay=true&mediaKey=b19dc7e7-3a96-45c4-b1fe-797b180f9cef&isShareURL=true) Due to the success of WAT-YOU-GOT! and requests of many fans, WAT-AAH! will debut its second season in the fall.

About WAT-AAH! WAT-AAH! is a line of functional water for kids free of sugar, colors and bad stuff! It tastes like pure clean unadulterated water. It is available in over 3,000 stores nationwide including Whole Foods, ShopRite, Food Lion, and others. It is also carried by over 600 schools/districts across the country. WAT-AAH! has sponsored numerous events like Willow Smith”s Power 105 Holiday Party, NY Children Film Festival, Harry Potter VII Movie Premier, and many others. WAT-AAH!”s mission is to reverse kids dependency on sodas and sugary drinks and to make water their #1 choice for hydration. WAT-AAH!”s ultimate goal is to helping fight childhood obesity and diabetes. www.wat-aah.com

For more information contact: Christine Widga, christine@letwaterbewater.com, 212-627-2630