Xing Launches Juice Line

Maybe they should change the name to Xing Beverage.

Xing Tea, the canned all-natural line produced by the owners of New Age Beverage Company in Colorado, is rolling out a line of juices just in time for the National Association of Convenience Stores show. The move comes only a few months after the company also launched a canned essence water line, Aspen

“We are extremely excited about our new entry into the juice category,” said Tom Lebon, Xing’s co-owner. “Our reps and buyer have been pushing us into this for some time.”

Made with 10 percent juice, the brand will be sweetened with pure cane sugar. It will be line-priced with Xing Tea at about $1.39. The four initial flavors will include blackberry/grape, orange mango, fruit punch and strawberry banana, all in 16 oz. cans.