ZICO Aligns with NFL Players, Inc.

Apparently, even marketing subsidiaries get dehydrated. At least, that’s what we understand from a quick read of this announcement, which is that the licensing and marketing subsidiary of the NFL Players Association — the “trade association” that was the NFL Players’ Union until it decertified in March as a negotiating tactic in the ongoing labor strife currently threatening the NFL season — has signed a deal to make ZICO a partner.

We don’t know who is paying who yet — or if the deal would continue after recertification. Looks like ZICO gets to pass out its coconut water at informally arranged player workouts that have happened in the extended offseason, and at whatever “events” the group organizes.

Given the fact that players and owners are going to have to get back to the table, and the current pace of competition by coconut water companies to snap up high-profile athletes, one has to wonder if Vita Coco or O.N.E. will make a play to be the official rehydration partner for the NFL owners, as well.

Here’s the release, courtesy of ZICO:

The NFL season may be on hold, but training for the professional football players hasn’t stopped. That is why ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water and NFL PLAYERS Inc., the licensing and marketing subsidiary of the NFL Players Association, are announcing an exclusive partnership to make ZICO the official coconut water of professional football players. Through this partnership, ZICO is offering every NFL player complimentary ZICO to help them stay hydrated and perform at their best during this intense training period.

This new partnership further establishes ZICO as the coconut water of choice among high-performance athletes.  As professional football players organize and execute their own workouts during this offseason, it is critical that they hydrate and replenish their bodies with essential nutrients. ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water is an easy, all-natural way to stay hydrated. As part of this exciting partnership, ZICO will have a unique presence at NFL PLAYERS events, in its social media platforms, and have direct access to NFL players.

“We are proud to support professional football players through our new partnership with NFL PLAYERS Inc.,” said Mark Rampolla, CEO and founder of ZICO.  “We have had a lengthy roster of A-list athletes either investing, endorsing or supporting ZICO over the years. They have chosen ZICO because it naturally has up to 50 percent fewer calories and less sugar than other flavored coconut waters and our ZICO bottles have a better blend of electrolytes to optimize hydration benefits for these athletes. Plus, unlike other sports drinks, ZICO is all-natural and has up to 15 times more potassium to help prevent cramping and aid recovery during training.”

ZICO’s list of current heavyweight athlete investors includes the likes of Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics; Amar’e Stoudemire of the New York Knicks; Rip Hamilton of the Detroit Pistons; and many others. They join the ZICO brand advocate team of naturally powered athletes, including Ray Rice, Pro Bowl running back of the Baltimore Ravens; Dean Karnazes, ultra-marathon runner who recently used ZICO to help power his run across the U.S.; and Bryan Clay, reigning decathlon gold medalist and “World’s Greatest Athlete” title holder.

To learn more about all of the Naturally Powered athletes that make up Team ZICO visit www.zico.com/team-zico.  ZICO is currently the exclusive coconut water brand in Trader Joe’s and Target Stores nationwide and is available in two package forms (cartons and recyclable bottles) and six great flavors, including Natural, Pineapple, Mango and brand new Chocolate.